What We Do

Scouting gives many opportunities for young people to take part in a wide variety of activities:  physical and non-physical, outdoor and indoor.  Here are some of the ways we do that.



All Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Explorers are encouraged to earn badges.  They are attached to the uniform and show that the person wearing it has achieved something special perhaps by acquiring a new skill.  There are are a wide variety of badges available to try for, so that everyone should be able to find something to suit them. 


See the Scouts Association Website here and here for more details.


Active Games

Every week the section leaders organise active games which everyone can participate in and enjoy - a great way to let off steam and stay healthy..




Camping has long been a favourite activity amongst Scouts. We try to hold number of camps are held throughout the year at various locations from the HQ itaself to  District site at Polyapes and further afield.  Summer Camp in August is the highlight of the year and this year we plan to go to Staffordshire and include a visit to Alton Towers.


County Cooking Competition

Could you cook a healthy three-course dinner for four with a hot main course using only two gas rings - all for less than £25?  That was the challenge for this year's County Cooking Competition.


District Air Rifle Shooting


Every year, Kingston District hold an air rifle shooting competition to find out who is the best marksman in the district.



Affiliated to the Scouts Association.

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Member of Kingston District Scouts.

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